The best way to stay fueled during a round? What to eat and drink
The best way to stay fueled during a round? What to eat and drink

It takes a long time to play a round of golf. When you play 18 holes, it might take you more than four hours to finish the course. You also burn a lot of calories when you’re out chasing birds.

If you want to play your best, you need to keep your body fed during the round. Getting the right food is important for good performance in any sport. Not like other games, though, you sometimes need to eat while you’re competing.

A lot of weekend golfers eat a hot dog and a soda (or beer) at the turn as their on-course food. This may satisfy your hunger, but it’s not always the best combination if you want to do your best.

We asked XXIO representative Nathalie Sheehan to help us learn more about how to fuel up for the best performance during the round.

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What must I eat?

If you’re hungry when you get to the halfway house, you might want to get some candy or a hot dog. But if you really want to do well, you should choose something a little better for you.

“I would definitely recommend something with some protein,” she says. “Is that it?”

“Something with some cheese, meat, and protein.”

Another good choice is fruit or nuts, which can both keep you going while you play. And don’t worry if you choose the dog at the turn every once in a while. Just stay away from sweets that have a lot of sugar.

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What am I going to drink?

Are you like me? Every once in a while, you like to have a nice adult drink during the round. This might make the round a little more fun, but it’s not always the best way to perform at your best.
Sheehan tells him, “That will end in a big crash.” “I think you should pack some electrolytes in your golf bag.” Put them in water. “Those will taste better than Gatorade or something similar.”

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t eat or drink the best things while you play. Giving yourself something to eat while you play is better than nothing. But you should watch what you eat if you want to play your best. A good place to start is by listening to what Sheehan says.

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