Scoring Kings All-Time High School Basketball Legends.
Scoring Kings All-Time High School Basketball Legends

The best high school basketball players of all time got their start when they were young. Because these prodigies are so unique, catching them early is always more special than finding them when everyone else does. That means I got to watch them play when they were in high school.

Some players only play for a short time. Some people become famous in college. And for a lucky few, the road goes to a lot of money in pro basketball. All of them are part of a special group: they are the best players in the history of high school basketball.

Note: We only looked at the point totals from ninth to twelfth grade. Some states let middle school students play on the high school senior team. We also only put people in the lists whose point totals could be checked by more than one source.

Fred Johnson got 3,552 points.

Fred Johnson led Wellsville-Middletown High School to the Class 1 state runner-up spot in 1986. He averaged 29.6 points over the course of his career and averaged 32.1 points as a senior to break the Missouri career scoring record.

Johnson went on to become an All-American in 1987 at the top junior college, Three Rivers Community College. He then signed with Missouri State, which was then called Southwest Missouri State.

Even though Johnson was good, he didn’t do well in big-time college hoops. During his two years at Missouri State, he scored 1.7 points and 1.5 rebounds per game.

Harry Todd has 3,555 points.

Harry Todd was one of the few people in Kentucky to be named to the All-State team three times. He was also named the state’s Mr. Basketball in 1958, when he scored 30 points and 20 boards per game.

Todd, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, was the best rebounder in college. He led Western Kentucky in rebounds for three straight years and finished his career in the top 10 for rebounds at the school.

He went on to have a long career in the service before becoming a minister. As recently as 2020, he was still working in rural Kentucky.

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Robert Parish has 3,562 points.

The Hall of Fame Robert Parish got his famous number 00 when he was in high school. He got it because he was the last person to get a shirt.

Parish was the best high school basketball centre who ever lived, anywhere. He used to play for Union High, but it closed because of desegregation, so he had to go to Woodlawn High.

Parish led Woodlawn to the 1972 Class AAAA state title and was named an All-American. However, he turned his back on big-time college basketball to play for Centenary, where he was also named an All-American before going on to win four NBA championships.

Coby White has 3,573 points.

At Greenfield School in 2018, Coby White was one of the best players in the country. He set the state record for total points and was named North Carolina Gatorade Player of the Year.

White only played one year of college basketball at the University of North Carolina, where he was named to the All-ACC team before entering the NBA draught. The Chicago Bulls picked him with the seventh pick in the 2019 draught.


Q1: Who averaged the most points in high school basketball history?

Answer: Douglas scored 2,052 points in 38 games at Marion, a Class C school in northeastern Louisiana. That set the national record for the most points scored in a season.

Q2: Who has the highest scoring in basketball history?

Answer: These games don’t count because they are played in amateur groups, like high school and college. Oscar Schmidt held the record before. LeBron James of the United States has scored 50,246 points in his 21-year career, making him the all-time leader in basketball scoring. He also has the most points scored in NBA history.

Q3: How many points did LeBron score in high school?

Answer: He played for the Irish and won three state titles. He scored 2,657 points, grabbed 892 boards, and passed the ball 523 times at STVM.

Q4: Who scored the most on Kobe?

Answer: Gilbert Arenas scored 60 points against Kobe Bryant on December 17, 2006, which was the most points ever scored in a game between the two.

Q5:Who is #1 NBA scorer?

Answer: The NBA’s all-time top scorer is LeBron James. LeBron James has scored the most points in an NBA regular season than any other player in history.

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