Moore was "mentally ready" to come back after getting clean from drugs.
Moore was “mentally ready” to come back after getting clean from drugs.

British doubles player Tara Moore says she is “mentally ready” to come back after being banned for two years for doping and then getting her ban lifted.

Moore, who is 31 years old, has set up a page to raise money for her comeback.

Moore was "mentally ready" to come back after getting clean from drugs.
Moore was “mentally ready” to come back after getting clean from drugs.

The ban was put on hold in May 2022. In December of last year, it was lifted after an outside group said that contaminated meat was the cause of her failed test.

“I am now exonerated and feel mentally ready to take back my Grand Slam positions,” Moore said.

Moore has asked her fans to help pay for her training and costs, such as “food, travel, and ongoing legal fees” since she is no longer ranked.

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She failed a test that found nandrolone metabolites and boldenone on her body while she was racing in Bogota, Colombia, in April 2022.

Moore was the best women’s doubles player in Britain when she was temporarily banned, and she was ranked 77th in the world at the height of her career.

That she had never “knowingly taken a banned substance” and that she wanted to show that she was a “clean athlete”

The impartial court said Moore “bore no fault or negligence” for her negative analytical result.
The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), on the other hand, is challenging the decision that Moore was not at fault.

It is appealing the independent tribunal’s ruling about the nandrolone that was taken. The appeal will be heard at a later date by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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