Fact Check Iran's Alleged 99 Lashes Sentence for Cristiano Ronaldo.
Has Iran given Cristiano Ronaldo 99 lashes for cheating on his wife?

This week, Cristiano Ronaldo got into a lot of trouble after he was seen hugging Iranian artist Fatemeh Hamami while he was in the country in September.

In Iran, a guy is not allowed to touch a woman who is not his wife, so Ronaldo’s friendly move made a big stir. In that case, it might be seen as cheating, which is a crime that can get them in trouble.

MoneyControl says that several Iranian lawyers brought criminal charges against Cristiano Ronaldo and that he was given 99 stripes for his deeds.

In a tweet, the Iranian Embassy in Spain quickly put an end to the reports and said Ronaldo had done nothing wrong.

A part of their translated statement says,

Cristiano Ronaldo went to Iran on September 18 and 19 to play in a real football game, and the people there were very friendly.

The people and the country’s sports officials both praised and respected his honest and kind meeting with Fatemeh Hamami.

At the time of this event last month, Cristiano Ronaldo was with Al-Nassr to play an AFC Champions League game against Persepolis FC.

Several Iranians had accused the Portuguese forward of “adultery,” but he was clear after hugging his “deadliest fan” in Hamami.

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Cristiano Ronaldo scores an amazing goal for Portugal

Ronaldo was already one of the greats in Portuguese football when he played his 200th game for the Selecao in June’s 1-0 win over Iceland.

He scored two goals last night, giving him 125 goals for his country. This makes him the all-time top scorer in men’s football history.

Portugal beat Slovakia 3-2 in a very exciting game and now has 21 points from seven games, which is enough to qualify for Euro 2024. In second place, Slovakia was eight points behind them. This meant that they would be in the group rounds in Germany next year.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the game’s second and third goals. He scored the first goal with a calm penalty kick in the first half. After a smart pass from Bruno Fernandes, he doubled his score in the middle of the second half.

Given how good his other chances were, the Al-Nassr forward easily could have scored a hat-trick but failed to do so.

Their next game is on Monday, when they play Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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