ESPN's Joe Buck said he wants to help Tom Brady get ready to be a sportscaster.
ESPN’s Joe Buck said he wants to help Tom Brady get ready to be a sportscaster.

Former quarterback and future Hall of Famer Tom Brady is about to start his next job as a broadcaster. Many people, including sportscaster Joe Buck, are excited to see how he does.
“It’s a new situation for (Tom Brady), and I can’t wait to see how he handles it,” Buck said on “The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast.”

Buck is the lead play-by-play announcer on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” along with Troy Aikman, who also used to be a quarterback but is now a reporter. Buck said he’d be happy to help Brady get started as a broadcaster. Brady agreed to a $375 million, 10-year deal with Fox Sports in 2022 to work as the network’s lead analyst along with play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt.
“I know Brady talked to Troy Aikman about it, and he’s talked to middlemen about possibly working with me to help him, which I’m totally fine with and would love to do,” Buck said.

There’s no doubt that Brady knows football. He’s won seven Super Bowls, been named MVP five times, and been named MVP of the league three times. Buck also said that Brady is “as well respected as anyone has ever been in any sport.” He did say, though, that going from the field to the booth is a “new job” that needs “a new way of thinking about a game.”

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“There’s new things you have to think about … knowing football is about fourth on the list,” Buck stated.

He went on, “You have to understand how it works…” The question is what you’re looking at, how you’re going to show it, and how fast you can do it? Can you do it before the next snap? Some analysts of NFL or college games haven’t been very good. They seem to have been made by computers.

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Additionally, Buck said that he “would never bet against” Brady and that “he’ll be great.”
Brady quit the NFL for good in February, after 23 years with the New England Patriots (2000–2019) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2020–2022).

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