The PGA Tour is in a lot of trouble, as shown by Rory McIlroy's interview.

Rory McIlroy's long chat with the Stick to Football podcast, which came out Wednesday, has a lot to unpack.

The five steps of grief seemed to be coming full circle for him.

Denial, anger, compromise, sadness, and finally acceptance.

When LIV Golf and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia were talked about, McIlroy's voice was the strongest.

During the 2022 BMW Championship, McIlroy spoke out and joined Woods

Even though he was one of the Tour's most important voices, McIlroy quit the policy board in November because he had to focus on personal and business obligations.

After Jon Rahm left for LIV, McIlroy hit his first shot across the bow.

Then, shockingly, McIlroy said that he now sees LIV as a part of the sport, even though he had been against the idea for years.

For two years, McIlroy made it clear what he thought about LIV.

It's still unclear where the Tour will go from here, but one thing is for sure: people are losing faith in Ponte Vedra's leaders every day.