Makes Messi Angry, Even Though Miami Won

Lionel Messi of Inter Miami was angry about the new rule in Major League Soccer that calls for a hurt player to sit out for two minutes.

The upcoming season will have five major rule changes. One of these is the addition of an off-field handling rule.

A timed substitution rule, VAR statements made in the stadium, and a clock that keeps running during stoppages.

40th minute of the game, George Campbell, a defender for Montréal, hit the Argentine forward, who fell to the ground holding his knee.

New rules in Major League Soccer say that if the referee stops the game because a player might be hurt and that player stays on the ground for more than 15 seconds.

This person might have to leave the field of play for two minutes when the medical staff comes on.

"When it came to Suárez, we had a big disagreement with the fourth judge about the minute. We thought Suárez left the field in less than a minute.

Even though there were problems off the field, Inter Miami's win helped them stay on top of the Eastern Conference table with 27 points after 13 games.